Finna - search services as a whole

Finna is home to millions of items of cultural and scientific material in Finland.

Hundreds of Finnish organisations such as archives, libraries and museums bring their unique content to Finna.

The National Library of Finland maintains and develops the Finna service continuously in cooperation with archives, libraries, museums and other partners.

Our objective is to make finding and using information and learning new lessons as easy and secure as possible.

What is the difference between and other Finna search services?

The Finna family of services comprises, which brings together the material, and hundreds of other Finna search services. gives you access to material provided by all organisations participating in Finna in one location.

Other Finna search services

Other Finna search services focus on material offered by other providers of certain material.

For example, in search services maintained by archives, libraries and museums, you can try different selections of collections offered by providers of certain material. The search services of higher education institutions provide their students and staff members with open material and licensed e-material.

The list below shows you which have their own Finna search services.